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The following nickel-plated sealing pliers with plastic covered handles are available. Color of the handle coats: red and blue.

Sealing pliers Model: 24/1 "Liliput"
Model: 24/1
Length: 110 mm
Size of seal: 8-10 mm
Weight: 190 g

Sealing pliers Model: 24/2 "Mignon"
Model: 24/2
Length: 110 mm
Size of seal: 8-12 mm
Weight: 300 g
Suitable for aluminum seals up to: 10 x 10 mm

Model 24/2: Best used with the stronger alu-seals without extra charge for implemented hardened steelpressure-rolls and steelpressure-plats.

Sealing pliers Model: 25/0000
Model: 25/0000
Length: 130 mm
Size of seal: 8-10 mm
Weight: 220 g

Sealing pliers Model: 25/000
Model: 25/000
Length: 150 mm
Size of seal: 9-10 mm
Weight: 290 g

Also as nickel-plated quality with strong plastic-covered handle red (1000 Volt) available.

Sealing pliers Model: 25/00
Model: 25/00
Length: 170 mm
Size of seal: 10-12 mm
Weight: 400 g

Sealing pliers Model: 25/0a
Model: 25/0a
Length: 190 mm
Size of seal: 11-12 mm
Weight: 500 g

Sealing pliers Model: 25/0b
Model: 25/0b
Length: 220 mm
Size of seal: 12-14 mm
Weight: 600 g

Sealing pliers Model: SP 71
Model: SP 71
Length: 155 mm
Size of seal: 8-9 mm
Weight: 165 g

combined with side-cutting nippers

Sealing pliers Model Z 37
Modell: Z 37
Length: 190 mm
Weight: 500 g
Size of seal: 10-14 mm
Suitable for aluminum seals up to: 12 x 12 mm

Head is made of forged steel.

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